Partnering with you to enhance your benefits program and drive positive results for your organization and workforce

USI Consulting Group offers all of the solutions to enable you to offer an attractive, competitive benefits program. We have extensive experience working with specialty markets and offering services that fall outside of traditional retirement plans. Our team of highly skilled professionals are experts in their fields with a deep commitment to help employers stay competitive and achieve positive results.

Annuity Placement Consulting

Learn more about how we can help reduce pension plan liabilities, decrease Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation premiums and manage your fiduciary responsibilities.

Church Plan Retirement Solutions

Learn more about how we can customize a program that meets the unique needs of religious organizations.

Other Post-Employment Benefits

Learn more about our OPEB services delivered by a dedicated team of group health and pension actuaries, accountants and health care consultants.

Private Client & Executive Benefits

Learn more about our independent planning services and insurance strategies to help provide executive, business-related and personal protection.

Tax Saving & Wealth Building Plan

Learn more about a solution that helps companies with business owners and professionals seeking high tax-deductible contributions.

Tribal Plan Retirement Solutions

Learn more about how we can help protect and promote the financial interest of Tribes.