Simplifying the complex with an integrated team and cost-effective solution

We understand the responsibility and risk that comes with offering a defined benefit (DB) pension plan. Successfully managing your organization’s pension plan means having access to an integrated team that proactively addresses your challenges expertly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Your top challenges






Management & Administration Investment
Compliance & Fiduciary Obligations Employee Appreciation
& Engagement
  • Reduce plan costs
  • Lessen liabilities to the organization
  • Day-to-day administrative support
  • Online self-service
  • Accurate calculations
  • Efficient benefit election processes
  • Management and knowledge
  • Plan funding
  • Reduce risk to the organization
  • Actuarial insights
  • Plan complexity
  • Fiduciary knowledge
  • Efficient benefit election processes
  • Employee education to enhance understanding of pension plan
  • Employee loyalty
  • Employee recruitment and turnover


At USI Consulting Group (USICG), we provide dedicated resources for our pension clients across all industries and types of employers. We are national pension plan experts who happen to be around the corner. Your corner.

Our integrated team includes actuaries, investment advisors and administration experts. Working together, we support the complex needs of our clients and provide customized strategies that align with your plan’s investment goal and risk tolerance. We do not sell any investment products, so our consultants can offer unbiased advice. Our experience has shown that this approach produces the most appropriate cost-effective end result with increased investment flexibility.



  • Deliver custom online co-sourced and fully outsourced solutions
  • Ease employer's day-to-day administrative burden
  • Improve accuracy, efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • Increase employee appreciation


  • Provide objective expert investment and plan funding guidance
  • Offer advice that aligns with the organization's investment goals and risk tolerance
  • Design an efficient asset allocation that correlates with plan liabilities


  • Improve the prediction and management of plan costs and expenses
  • Optimize plan design
  • Mitigate risk and enhance financial impact
  • Unique Compass approach for frozen plans
  • Creative solutions for tax-deferred savings

USICG has a long history of developing successful cost-effective solutions to drive positive outcomes for you and your employees, including:

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Manage & mitigate risk through actuarial & fiduciary oversight

Ease administrative burden, saving time & money for
your organization

Enhance employee education to improve retirement readiness & financial wellness

Offer cost-effective, competitive plan to attract & retain talent




* USI Consulting Group has been recognized as one of the 10 largest defined benefit administration service providers in PLANSPONSOR’s 2021 Defined Benefit Administration Survey, as measured by both participants and numbers of plans fully outsourced.

Investment advice provided to the Plan by USI Advisors, Inc. Under certain arrangements, securities offered to the Plan through USI Securities, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC. Both USI Advisors, Inc. and USI Securities, Inc. are affiliates of USI Consulting Group. | 1023.S0301.0019