A long history of partnering with religious organizations

We understand the unique structure of faith-based retirement plans and our consultants have the expertise to customize a program that meets the employer and employees’ goals, while reducing the plan’s cost and liabilities. We have partnered with churches since 1998 to address the specific needs of church retirement plans.

Managing a retirement plan can be stressful, cost you and your employees excessive fees and put a strain on your organization’s resources. Our integrated team of skilled professionals can help you alleviate these stresses through a collaborative approach, resulting in a successful retirement plan for you and your employees. We guide you through the process, answer any questions you may have and present our plan before implementing.

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We partner with you to:

  • Evaluate your retirement program and address ​your needs in a proactive manner​
  • Reduce your administrative responsibilities ​
  • Increase your employees’ financial wellness and your plan’s efficiency​
  • Drive employee engagement and participation ​via customized educational materials ​
  • Consult on any regulatory and compliance matters that pertain to your retirement plan​
  • Identify, analyze and present solutions for other ​retirement issues your organization is facing


Direct Solutions is not a pre-packaged product; it is a flexible defined contribution bundled service program designed to help employees save for retirement as well as provide a cost-effective retirement benefit to retirement plan sponsors and fiduciaries.